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Every community and investor needs to trust that your blockchain is secure. Build that trust and protect from common cyber attacks today with a simple smart contract audit.



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Proof of Reserves

Enhance transparency in Crypto Exchanges with an independent on-chain proof of assets’ true collateralization

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Smart Contract Audit

We perform audits on your smart contracts and DApps to reduce many overlooked security risks and improve your code's performance.

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Bug Bounty Program

We use the world's top ethical hackers to continuously uncover and fix vulnerabilities in your code, before malicious hackers do.

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Blockchain Layer 1 Audit

A thorough security auditing process is essential, as one error in your code can spell disaster. We provide comprehensive steps that help you with threat detection and remediation.

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We help facilitate your KYC process. Maintain your public anonymity while privately verifying your identity with our team.

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Penetration Testing

Simulated cyberattacks performed in a safe and controlled environment ensure all of your systems are ready for any of the many types of attacks that will come your way.

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Optimize your blockchain's security

Protect your project

  • Protect your project against cyber attacks, security vulnerabilities, and hidden fatal flaws
  • Gain your community's trust and achieve your industry-recognized smart contract verification badge
  • Stay ahead of attackers by building your defenses sooner rather than later
  • Develop an auditable security management system for cyber attack protection
  • Benefit from our team of experienced security experts with years of hands on experience.

Protect against cyber attacks

  • Evaluate risks, protect against attacks, manage information assets, train your staff, and handle incidents effectively
  • Have fast response crisis management on hand with an optional dedicated security officer
  • Streamline your security processes, identify risks, and take proactive measures to mitigate them
  • Operate with confidence, knowing your blockchain and smart contracts are secure with Vibranium Audits

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All Audit Processes Are Not Created Equal

Depending on the methodology and experience, smart contract and blockchain protocol audits can yield vastly different results. Having completed hundreds of audits using highly accurate formal verification processes, it's no wonder our team are leaders in their industry

Manual Code Review
Manuel Code Review- Vibranium Audits
Most Vendors and Vibranium
A human review to spot errors. This is flexible, but it’s best-effort, as you can never be sure you found all errors.
Automatic Verification
Automatic Verification - Vibranium Audits
Few Vendors and Vibranium
Automatic verification of issues such as reentrancy, and certain smart contract properties.
Custom Formal Verification
Custom Formal Verification - Vibranium Audits
Security specialists create machine-readable specification that are mathematically verified by Vibranium's proprietary Custom Formal Verification system.

Web3 Cyber Attack Protection Company

Vibranium Audits is a trusted cyber attack protection company that offers comprehensive services to protect businesses and individuals against potential cyber threats. With the increasing frequency and complexity of cyber attacks, it's essential to have the right defense mechanisms in place to ensure your safety. Vibranium Audits provides expert penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, and proof of reserves services to ensure the protection of critical assets and sensitive information. With Vibranium Audits, you can be assured that your security is always taken care of.
Web3 Cyber Attack Protection - Vibranium Audits

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our help centre to clear out any doubts you may have regarding our partnership program.

What is a smart contract audit

A smart contract audit is a review process that ensures the accuracy, security, and functionality of a smart contract. It involves assessing the code of the smart contract to identify potential vulnerabilities or weaknesses that could be exploited by hackers. A comprehensive audit helps to minimize the risks of hacking or errors in the contract's code. The audit includes a report detailing the findings and recommendations for improving the smart contract's security and performance. The audit provides confidence to stakeholders that the contract operates as intended and mitigates the risks of financial loss or damage to reputation

How to protect your company from cyber attacks

Protecting your company from cyber attacks involves implementing a combination of measures, including regular security assessments, employee education on cyber threats and safe online behavior, use of strong passwords and multi-factor authentication, regular software updates and patches, and the use of firewalls and antivirus software. It's also important to have a response plan in place in case of a breach and to regularly back up important data to protect against data loss.

What benefits does a company get upon passing a contract audit?

Passing a smart contract audit can provide a company with several benefits, including increased trust from potential investors and users, improved security and protection against vulnerabilities and potential exploits, and potential cost savings by identifying and resolving issues before they become major problems. Additionally, a successful audit can help to establish a company's reputation as a reliable and trustworthy player in the blockchain industry.

How to protect critical infrastructure from cyber attack

To protect critical infrastructure from cyber attacks, it is important to implement a multi-layered security approach that includes firewalls, intrusion detection systems, antivirus software, and regular software updates. Employee training and awareness programs can also help prevent social engineering attacks. Additionally, conducting regular security audits and penetration testing can identify vulnerabilities and help prevent potential attacks.

Why smart contract audit is important?

Smart contract audit is important because it ensures that the code is secure, free of bugs, and meets industry standards. By undergoing a smart contract audit, companies can identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities and protect themselves from costly errors and breaches. This process helps build trust with users and investors by demonstrating that the code has been thoroughly reviewed and tested. It also helps to comply with legal and regulatory requirements and minimize the risk of financial loss or reputational damage.

Can I conduct a smart contract audit myself?

Conducting a smart contract audit requires specialized knowledge and expertise in blockchain technolovulnerabilities and expose their system to potential attacks. It is essential to engage avulnerabilities and expose their system to potential attacks. It is essential to engage a reputable and experienced audit company like Vibranium Audits to ensure a thorough and effective audit of the smart contract.

Why should I trust Vibranium Audits?

Vibranium Audits is a reputable smart contract auditing firm that has proven expertise in identifying and mitigating security risks in blockchain-based systems. They use industry-standard techniques and protocols to ensure a comprehensive and thorough audit of the smart contract. They also provide transparent and detailed reports to their clients, highlighting any vulnerabilities found and offering recommendations to address them. With a track record of successful audits for high-profile projects, Vibranium Audits can be trusted to provide reliable and professional services to secure your blockchain project.

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